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2017 - March

When I was asked to photograph a few Issey Miyake creations for the Spring 2017 edition of TESS magazine I was filled with excitement. His designs have always amazed and intrigued me but this collection was incredible because of the way he incorporated the Fibonacci Spiral into his pleats. The shoot was made doubly fun with Erika Trojer, artist and friend, doing the modeling. Follow the links to check out both the TESS article and Erika’s recycled works of art.

2017 - January

Here we are again... a new year with new resolves and new ideas buzzing around the head! Before going full steam into 2017 it's nice to give a glance back over the shoulder to see what came out of 2016. As a photographer are these my "significant twelve images" that Ansel Adams professes as being a good crop in any one year? I really don't know but they did open new doors and allowed me to be wow-ed once again by photography as a creative outlet. Happy New Year... give it all you've got!

2016 - October

Very honored to have a 7-page color spread in the 2016 fall-winter edition of TESS magazine. Styling by Serena Brivio. Thanks to Paolo and Antonella De Santis for allowing us to shoot in the beautiful gardens of Villa Mondolfo (Como, Italy). The dresses were created by students of Scuola IIS Do Vinci-Ripamonti for the project “Trame di moda in giardino” curated by Francesca Gamba. Models were Benedetta Bartesaghi, Martina Cimetti, Giulia Pasqual, Ilaria Riva, Alessandra Russo, and Micol Vassallo. Hair stylist and make-up by Francesca Corti. Assistant on location Marta Butti.

2016 - June

I contributed to a magazine called ENJOY this month. You can read the article here in both English and Italian. Hope you like it! 

I’ve lived on Lake Como for most of my life and have always enjoyed exploring the region. The beauty of this place is amazing. Depending on the circumstances it changes continually and is always inspiring. Customized one-on-one photo walks are a great way to pass a day with someone interested in photography, who can share expert knowledge on how to use your camera, and help you see the lake from a different point of view. It’s a fun, hands-on, productive, and uncomplicated way to spend a unique day on the lake. If you are interested please feel free to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

2016 - January

When a new year rolls in I usually find myself getting rid of old stuff that isn’t special or that doesn’t work. As I was going through my folders of landscapes, cityscapes, and streets, these twelve photographs had something that made me stop and reflect. Looking forward as always to seeing in a different way, noticing what is rare and capturing it before it disappears.

Click on the images to enlarge them and see the full compositions. Thanks and  Happy 2016 everybody! 

2015 - November


In August 2015 I met with freelance journalist, Serena Brivio, and three models, Patrizia, Annarita, and Viola at the Teatro Sociale in Como, Italy for a fashion shoot which appears in November's edition of TESS magazine. The evening wear was supplied by Tessabit Plinio. Hair and makeup by Equipe Ornella. Click here to see the spread.

2015 - June

Tales Of Waterfalls And The Midnight Sun

There was a quiet stillness in the air and misty rain to wet your face more often than not. It was nice bundling up in a jacket in June... something I'm not used to. Water everywhere... the sea, the rain, the waterfalls and streams.  I'll let the beauty of western Norway speak for itself now.

2015 - January

"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." Ansel Adams


It’s that time once again to go back and review last year’s work… see where the most attention was given and where advancements were made. If I needed to use one word to describe 2014 it would be “upheavals”. What better way to illustrate drastic change if not through black and white images? The reality of light and dark can be brusque or subtle but it is always a contrast… a change. Here are twelve b&w photographs from 2014 that for one reason or another still hold my interest. I hope you enjoy looking through them. 


Happy New Year to all!

2014 - October

Alvin... unforgettable... a piece of my heart

December 2003 - September 2014

2014 - August

HARMONY Photo Exhibit - Extended viewing for a few more weeks! 

Monday - Friday  9:00 - 18:00

Mauritskade 55C, 1092ADAmsterdam, The Netherlands 

In collaboration with GRIDIstituto Italiano di Cultura, and The Thinking Hut

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“Harmony" studies a co-existence between man and nature. As man constructs and encroaches, nature seems to know how to reclaim territory. Is there some sort of balance between these two forces or will man one day disregard it so badly that there will be no way of reversing the damages?

2014 - February


The short and sweet of it? Carnevale literally translated from Latin means "farewell meat". The idea is basically to party like crazy during the few days before Lent sets in. This year it ran from February 27 to March 4. 

© Amy Spadacini. All rights reserved

2014 - January

"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." Ansel Adams

I thought about this wise statement for a while and began looking through my photographs from 2013. Finding twelve images was not as easy as it sounds because I am very critical of my work. Here are the images I settled on though... one from each month with the explanations as to why I chose them. They are not significant to you perhaps but they are for me as a photographer. It was an interesting exercise. I feel like a child with lots of room for growth so here's looking forward to a new year full of dreams and accomplishments! Happy 2014 everybody! © Copyright Amy Spadacini. All Rights Reserved.

2013 - November

Having just returned from spending a couple of weeks in Texas I thought I’d share some of it’s character here with you. Think longhorns, country western music, cowboy boots, margaritas, BBQ, Keep Austin Weird, and good old texan pride... © 2013 copyright by Amy Spadacini. All rights reserved. 

2013 - September

The 2nd edition of the Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam was held September 26-29, 2013. It was full of inspiring work by photographers from all over the world. There was a tendency to mix the real with the fabricated. There was a lot of experimental processing and printing. And attempts were made at adding three dimensional aspects to the image. These, as well as truly sensational photography, were to be seen on the walls of the fair over and over again as you strolled through the venue. Talks, book presentations, and workshops kept the fairgrounds buzzing with activity. I was part of the Unseen crew of photographers covering the events over the first two days… a stimulating and fun experience. I don't pretend to offer up a complete coverage here; just a peak at what was going on.  © 2013 copyright by Amy Spadacini. All rights reserved.

2013 - July

Join my dog, Alvin, and I as we take a walk along a section of the Greenway through a few small villages of Lake Como, Italy in mid-July... it's hot and almost everyone is down by the lake swimming, taking sun, sitting in the shade chatting to friends, or cooling off indoors. It's quiet along the streets in the afternoon but it will liven up later as the sun goes down and the air cools off.